Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Canolis

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Today was the definition of "blah". It threatened to rain for most of the
morning, and then made good by the afternoon. On the bright side, my
usually sweltering classroom was inhabitable without the use of a fan,
so that was quite nice.

Last year one of the third grade girls I teach music to was talking to
me during lunch as she admired the remains of a cannoi she had just
finished shoving into her mouth. She remarked, "I love cannolis!
Travis, I wish you were just one big cannoli, so I could just suck the
stuff right out of you."

This kind of clueless, inadvertent innuendo continued last week when
the very same girl was standing behind me at the soft serve ice cream
machine. She noted that wafer cones are better than sugar cones when
it comes to soft serve, and I said "that's because they have a wider
mouth, they can catch more ice cream."

Her reply: "I have a wide mouth! You could just use me!"

I still can't get through telling those stories without laughing. I have her for another five weeks, so we'll see what other ridiculousness comes out the wrong way.