Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Fenced-In Area

Monday, July 26, 2004

Fenced-In Area

I think I've heard that phrase about 30 times in the last day regarding the protesters that were supposed to be confined in such an area near the Fleet Center. They got a court order to allow them to take their protests outside of the fence, but let's be honest with ourselves: all I can think of when I hear those words is that SNL sketch with Billy Bob Thorton.

"I think there's something I need to make clear about my fenced-in area. You see... everybody in Gilbert County's got a damn fenced-in area that's cluttered with crap and brown weeds invading them like a cancer! Well, see, I'm better than that. I'm gonna make my fenced-in area an area that's neat and special, with a special purpose. And then all the nayayers will have to say, 'Dammit! He really did something with his fenced-in area, and now I feel inspired to clean up my own fenced-in area!' And others will see my fenced-in area, and inspiration will go on and on and on, from person to person, just like that! [ reflective pause ] I want my fenced-in area to be an inspiration. And... if y'all can't understand that... then I was born in the wrong world."