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Monday, July 26, 2004

Not to mention...

I almost forgot this one. On Saturday morning our toilet was flushing rather slowly, but I, having things to do, decided to leave it and take a look when I came home later in the day. When I finally got back that afternoon I found an overflowing toilet with shitty water spilling out of the bowl and onto the bathroom floor. Little pieces of poop were scattered on the flooded tile.

After going to work with a crappy plunger for about thirty minutes, I decided I needed to go get some real tools and bought a professional plunger from Home Depot. After another half hour working on the toilet with no results except for a bowl of strangely sudsy poop water, we called a plumber.

Using his plumber's snake he was able to get rid of the blockage, which turned out to be a whole, new bar of soap. Somehow an entire bar of Irish Spring with Aloe had fallen into the toilet, been flushed, and then not been able to maneuver in the ensuing pipage. The plumber looked at Nish as if he would have an answer for all of this, but he of course did not. No one has confessed to knowing anything about this.

A bar of soap. Fucking weird.