Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Sox and the DNC

Monday, July 26, 2004

Sox and the DNC

So this place is going crazy. It's virtually impossible to get anywhere in a car or via public transportation, so for once I'm pretty happy about being somewhat outside the fray up in Somerville.

Meanwhile, pols and celebrities alike are everywhere in caravans of SUVs followed by teams of SWAT snipers. Kerry was at the Sox game tonight, which was funny because the national ESPN broadcast had a camera that just sat on him at all times. When something would happen on the field, they would immediately cut to Kerry for his reaction, then to Ben Affleck (who ended an interview with a satellite reporter by blurting, "Ok. Thanks for talking to me."), then to Katie Couric who looked generally enthusiastic but clearly confused.

I'm pretty sure that those three celebrities were on air more than the actual game. The Sox won, though, so that's good for them, and for Johnny Mac who has a standing bet regarding the season series with New York:

If the Yankees win the season series, he has to buy his Yankee-fan female friend drinks all weekend. If the Sox win it, he gets to play with her boobs for the entire weekend. Go Sox.

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