Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: White Trash

Saturday, July 31, 2004

White Trash

I'm at Jocelyn's today before we leave to drive up to Providence. She is originally from New Haven, but currently resides in the amazingly trashy town of East Haven. She and her roommate live in a nice little beach house about a ten minute walk to the water, but at the same time they are surrounded on every side by some spectacular white trash.

The children here set off fireworks at all hours of the day and night, from Spring to Fall. They have no regard for passing automobiles, and if you try to drive down the street they'll stand and talk to each other in the middle of the road and turn to give a belittling evil eye or two because you would like to use the street for driving. You also need to keep a sharp eye out, because it's not uncommon to see a two-year-old child walking down the street alone.

The kids wear bathing suits throughout the year--as an outer garment.

Their parents wash their cars on the street and then get into their own bathing suits to use their autos as some sort of crude waterslide. They then stand there with tattoos covering their bodies and smoke a pack of cigarettes in ten minutes.

They have large piles of bulk trash in their back yards, along with one or more inoperable hot rods rusting away.

If you listen long enough (about 15 minutes) you're guaranteed to hear someone yelling at someone else. Not just a yell, but a horrible, throaty, gurgling vociferation to either their spouse or child. Jocelyn was once at the beach and overheard a woman threatening to slap and then drown her child.

For you to appreciate how hilarious this is, you must consider Jocelyn and her roommate Terry in the midst of this madness. Two reserved, quiet and amiable young women fresh out of college, both second-year teachers. They're not immune to their surroundings, though. There's a lack of parking spaces on their street and they have no driveway, so they've taken to parking their cars on their lawn.