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Saturday, August 21, 2004


Today Joc and I went out for lunch with Tali, and a few of her friends from UMD. Afterwards we retired to Tali's house and enjoyed a lengthy food coma while watching Olympics, hanging pictures, and enjoying a visit from Nicole.

After we had spent the least amount of time necessary before eating again, Tali, Joc and I went for Indian food in Bethesda.

While walking back to our car after dinner, a woman pulled up and asked us, somewhat frantically, "Do you know where Montgomery Avenue is?"

We thought about it, and admitted that we didn't know. She tore off down the street. After a few minutes of walking across a street and through a parking lot, a car again pulled up next to us and rolled the window down. It was the same woman, who obviously didn't realize that we were the same pedestrians.

"WHERE IS MONTGOMERY!!!???" she screamed at us.

We shrugged, tried not to laugh directly in her face, and said "we still don't know." After that she kind of freaked out and then sped off.

It got nice and cool out here after yesterday's 100+ degrees.

The Red Sox have won 11 out of their last 15 games, which is pretty hot. I haven't been watching that much, being in California and then Maryland, but it's reassuring each time my automatic text message from the Red Sox buzzes in my pocket to tell me they've won. I'm excited to get back up to Boston and get in gear with things.

Tomorrow we're going on the Jocelyn reality tour, going all over College Park and U Maryland to visit her old haunts. Then we're driving back up to New Haven, trying our best to avoid the vacation traffic that marred our drive on Friday.

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