Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Driving

Friday, August 20, 2004


Wow. Jocelyn and I just rolled into Bethesda, MD, and we are officially wiped out. We left this morning from New Haven at 9:30am, but hit ridiculous amounts of vacation/college students moving in/Friday traffic and the normally five hour drive lasted well over nine.

We reached our breaking point in Delaware and had a collective anxiety attack during our fourth hour of bumper to bumper traffic on I-95. We pulled off to a mall to buy an atlas to try and navigate an alternate route, as well as regain some sort of sanity.

After an hour on access roads we crossed the Sussquehanna River and were able to view the I-95 bridge and see that traffic had eased up a bit. We got back on the interstate and made it down to Maryland in a few hours.

A few thoughts that came up during the drive down there, as well as in the last few days:

We passed so many college students driving to their schools to move in. Wasn't it not long ago that I was driving up to Tufts, or Joc was driving down to UMD? How is it that our little brothers are about to travel up north for their respective Freshman years? Very strange.

I hate it when you're standing at a desk in a hotel, a store, or any other place where you wait for service, and the person behind the desk treats anyone who calls as more important than you. I'm fucking here. They're just on the phone. I made the damned trip. Talk to me.

Also, without any kind of segue, what is the deal with cursive? I spent all of fourth grade learning it, and now I don't do jack shit with it. I realize that in the past, before typewriters and computers, penmanship was of the utmost importance, but now it's rather useless. Moreover, who decided that they should just tack on an extra bump to the letters 'n' and 'm'? Why not just the normal amount of bumps?