Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Hitchcock, Highway 1 and Muir Woods

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Hitchcock, Highway 1 and Muir Woods

This morning we left our camp and started West to intercept picturesque California Highway 1 to take us back down to San Francisco. Before we could get there, however, I noticed signs for Botega Bay and I couldn't shake the feeling that I knew that name from somewhere. It didn't take long for me to figure it out--Botega Bay was the town in which Hitchock's The Birds was set and shot. Needless to say we ventured there, only to find that the town itself is not in much better shape than it was at the end of the film.

Yes, there were lots of birds there, for those of you wondering. Smart asses.

Meanwhile, the place was kind of a dump. We ate lunch and then made one stop that I couldn't resist:
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Yes, that is the schoolhouse that the birds stake out, and that is the road that the hapless school children run down to flee their mysterious attackers. And yes, I did make Phoebe run down the road, reenacting the escape of 'Tippi' Hedren and company.

After that we finally did make it to Highway 1, and the views were indeed beautiful.
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After a serious gas scare (there really are no gas stations on this road, for those of you planning to make the trip yourselves), some minor squabbling, some major squabbling, and a lot of driving, we made it to the Muir Woods.

There were lots of tall trees.
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Let it ring out throughout the land, today and forever, that August 17, 2004 was the one and only day that Clay Marshall hugged a tree (literally or otherwise).

Anyhow, we're back in the city now. Clay and I fly back to Boston tomorrow night where we will make a 15 minute pit stop at my house before we drive down to New Haven: the staging area for my weekend trip down to D.C. with Jocelyn.

Lots of moving around.