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Thursday, August 26, 2004

More T Madness

Today, when Nish and I were on the T to our new apartment, we overheard a conversation between a sharply-dressed, thirty-looking man and his elderly mother. From what we could pick up, they had just come from a hearing regarding the man's breaking of his parole. He was pissed because his mom had gone against his wishes and retained him legal representation. He kept yelling at her, saying things like "I don't care what you believe, just stay outta my business!" and "what ah you, an attorney!?"

Nish and I got very uncomfortable, because we're sitting right in the middle of this parent-child row that had all the attitude of an angsty adolescent argument but the subject matter of a gangland court drama.

It got pretty heated at one moment, and the guy, looking like a street tough uncomfortable in dress clothes, yelled "I'm not fuckin' listenin' to you because you don't fuckin' listen to me! When I break parole again I'm gonna fuckin' forget you and your lawyer!"

We got off the bus as soon as we could, because it was a crowded bus and these people had no problem airing their anger with each other right next to us.

We're getting there on our apartment, only the last bit of house stuff and our beds remain. Tomorrow, however, belongs to fun. Joc is up for the rest of the week, and Johnny Mac is coming to go out to the Burren on our last Thursday night in Somerville. The most spectacular 80s cover band will be there, and our faces will melt.