Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Safari West

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Safari West

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As I mentioned before, Monday night we arrived at a place called safari West, where you "camp" out in the middle of a 400 acre wildlife preserve featuring a number of species from the African savanna and beyond. We slept incredibly well, until the lemurs and the parrots started screeching bloody murder at the crack of dawn. Bastards.

We then went on a guided "safari" through the preserve and came into incredibly close contact with zebras (above), 7 elk species, giraffes, and the very deadly Cape Buffalo.
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Much to Phoebe's and my amusement, there was a group of yarfy, middle-aged, touristy types that dressed in full safari gear as if we were truly in the Serengeti. This, of course, only furthers my lifelong thesis: people are dumb.