Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Sunday Morning Thoughts

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sunday Morning Thoughts

It appears Maggie may have peed on her bed last night.

I don't know how the word "caramel" somehow found its way into the "tomato/tomahto" family. It's spelled caramel and it's pronounced "kar-•e-•mel". This whole pronouncing it "kar-•mel" is bullshit. This isn't like "tomato", which has a vowel that one can pronounce either soft or hard. People are actually dropping a syllable from the word and thinking it's okay! No longer, my friends. The revolution begins here.

The movie Billy Madison is playing on tv right now, and I just realized that I've been sitting here meticulously picking out the grammatical errors in it. What the hell is wrong with me?

I think Bob Vila just looks like a pudgier Steven Spielberg.

These cows are made out of butter, and if you look closely enough you can see butter statues of Lewis and Clark on the other side of the butter campfire. That's more of an observation than a thought, I suppose.

I'm clearing up my room, trying desperately to get my stuff together for my ongoing move, and I found a whole stash of Canadian twonies in my desk. I have no idea when I'll go to Canada in the future, but these add up to $26CAD, so I can't just throw them away. At the same time, it's too small an amount of money to go get exchanged. These kind of things drive me crazy.