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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Not long after my friend Nat and I had a hearty laugh at the expense of a mistake in his cable bill, causing it to arrive in the mail at a hefty $632.00, I got my own invoice-driven incredulity.

My cable bill came recently with a $215 charge for an 'unreturned digital converter'. I called them last night and found out that when they installed cable at our new apartment they left our old cable box. In order to credit my account with the $215, I have to return the box. To where, you might ask?

Why, to good old Somerville, MA 02144

So soon? I had counted on not having to go back there for at least a few months, but now it looks like all is lost. I have no choice, it seems, but to take the ungodly shuttle bus which substitutes for the train that is out of service for next year, then hop on yet another bus and make my way back into the heart of darkness that is Walnut Hill.

Of course, I'm being dramatic. There's nothing wrong with Somerville. I just don't relish the idea of taking four buses in the span of two hours. The reason I was so exited to move down here into the city was so I could pretty much walk or take the train anywhere I needed to go.

Perhaps if I just got dressed and did it it would be better than sitting her and whining about it to people that may or may not be reading, and even then may or may not care. Heavy on the 'not', I would imagine.