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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


I'm at a strange place right now, having finished both my move and a wedding video. After I complete the final edit of the video I have to compress it into the right format for DVDs, which takes about 18 hours. Thus, I was left with way too much time on my hands today. After hustling and bustling around doing any number of things to get here and settled, I had pretty much nothing to do today.

I went to get a haircut, but there are four barber shops to chose from within 10 minutes walking distance. I got a bit flustered. I walked to each and looked in the windows, and then eventually made a choice which I now believe to be the wrong one. Though Guy's Men's Salon touted a barber shop sign in the front window, it was clearly more a salon than a barber shop. Plus they freaking sheared me.

I saw a great Will Ferrell video today. It's sponsored by a group called America Coming Together--a liberal 'get out the vote' organization--but what is most important is that it's just fucking funny. See it here.

I've decided to take advantage of living in a neighborhood that is home to the best restaurants in town. I'm going to do my best to sample each restaurant in the area until I find three specific things I'm looking for:
  • A great pizza place
  • A cheap, family-style, gorge-friendly Italian restaurant
  • A good, and reasonably priced date spot

Now I've gone and made myself hungry. I might just have to work on my project right now. Food...