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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Dumb Media

Blogging got another bit of respect from the national media this week and weekend as some geeks decided that there was incontrovertible evidence proving the memos produced by "60 Minutes" concerning W's Guard Service were forged, citing the kerning of the letters and the document's spacing similarity to Microsoft Word templates.

News programs talked about this all weekend, and it was a major part of the Sunday morning talk show subject matter. Unfortunately, very few people have come out to say the truth about what this all is: it's dumb.

Does it really matter what George Bush did those many years ago, well before his self-proclaimed cut-off date (before which he conveniently dismisses any of his actions prior to being 'born again')? No. Why should people concern themselves with what he did thirty plus years ago when there is enough evidence in the last four that he shouldn't be President any longer?

I think it's actually a continuation of the Fox effect, except spun in the opposite direction. When the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth came out with their ads in a precious few states, it was the Fox News Channel that blasted the ads across a national audience, and it was FNC that devoted hours and hours of punditry to them. Instead of talking about the issues, Fox deliberately made a small issue a serious one in order to hurt John Kerry. The rest of the major media outlets jumped on the story because it was helping ratings.

Now a parallel accusation aimed towards Bush has come out, and since the nation and the media is in a nitpicking mindset, we all talk about it like it's the most important news out there.

Meanwhile, Colon Powell went on Meet the Press this morning and once again showed that he clearly disagrees with the administration's claims that Al-Qaeda and Iraq had dealings together. No one has time to discuss the freaking Secretary of State's judgments, because we're all checking the spacing between the letters 'O' and 'A' on a pointless memo. Who cares whether Bush lied thirty years ago when he clearly has problems finding (and admitting) the truth today? Not to mention the fact that he can't seem to keep his house in order, as aides and officials resign and one of the most important members of his cabinet says he is wrong.

The national debate that should be aided by the media has been hijacked, wrestled to the ground, and dragged through the murky and frivolous filth of mudslinging.

Somewhat (but not really) off-topic, Nish just turned on a television game show that promises the chance to give away one billion dollars to one lucky contestant tonight--by using a monkey to make the final decision. Don't you love TV?

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