Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Monopoly and more

Monday, September 06, 2004

Monopoly and more

Go to jail.

Pretty funny stuff there.

My friend Isaac turned me on to this site as well, and I recommend it to anyone who has a few extra minutes they're looking to kill. It's a group of weird actors/directors who are clearly looking to get into the business in LA, but apparently are not quite there yet. They create short shows with premises like spoofing The OC (The 'Bu) or a super hero that shoots lasers out of his butt when he farts (Laser Fart). I especially like the former of the two, but there are also plenty more to look at.

Now that I'm done with teaching and done with moving, it's finally time to get back to work. I have plenty of tapes sitting next to my desk waiting to be edited, and a few raving brides and other clients emailing me a little too frequently about where their DVDs are.

After hours of deliberation I decided it was NOT too creepy to put my theater-sized Silence of the Lambs poster above the head of my bed.

There is a door in my room that opens out to a little...area. I don't know what else to call it. It's a space about 4 ft. by 7 ft., enclosed entirely on all four sides by brick walls. If you stand there and look up you just see brick and a few windows for four floors. It's very strange. I've decided never to go out there because it's too scary. Also my room is small, and I need to put my bed against the door anyway.

The North End is a strange place. It is populated mostly by 20-somethings and 70-somethings. 30-somethings often come here for dinner, and 50-somethings come as tourists, but it's a large age gap and a curious dynamic between the two age groups that actually reside in this 18th Century Italian neighborhood. All these hip, stylish bars a block away from signs that say "Elderly Crossing" on them.

One of my new favorite pastimes involves our large bay window that looks out to the harbor. The base of the window stands about 7 ft. up from the sidewalk--pretty much where you would hold a boom mic if you were recording audio for a film--and when you open the glass you hear snippets of passing conversations with perfect clarity. Some excerpts include:

"So then she says to me, totally naked, 'Get the fuck out of my bathr...'"

" ones and the little yellow ones keep me regular, so I don't keep getting out of bed at..."

"...why would I do that? Why would I tell her what Kimberly told me not to tell anyone except tell you? I mean I..."