Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Red Sox

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Red Sox

Even with their winning streak broken, the Sox are still running hot. They took another one in Oakland last night without much of a fight. Derek Lowe looked like someone who could actually handle pitching in the post season without throwing multiple temper tantrums and sulking through games.

This is an older article, written in the midst of the long winning streak, but it pretty much sums up the way I feel about the situation.

O, words of Sportsguy
I laugh each time I read you
Here are your best parts:

"Imagine if the roles were reversed, if the Yankees were the ones making a late charge? Would Yankee fans be complaining about things like "We can't catch them, their schedule is too easy in September," as my Dad and others were saying as recently as last weekend? Of course not. Yankee fans would expect to catch the Red Sox and act accordingly -- sending taunting e-mails, giving co-workers crap, calling "Mike and the Mad Dog" and making brash predictions, even springing for expensive Paula Jones-style haircuts for their girlfriends. They would be LOVING this."

Subtle jab! Paula Jones! Bah!

"The mystifying thing about Yankee fans? Their improbable sens of superiority, as if they're better people because they root for a baseball team only because A) they grew up within two hours of Yankee Stadium; B) they jumped on the bandwagon as a kid because they wanted to be associated with a winner; or C) they have no soul. As one of my readers wrote last year, it's like rooting for the house in blackjack."

Not to mention the fact that there seems to be a Yanks-Sox thing blooming between Boston and Oakland. We play them, we get a few wrong calls our way (Brady's "forward pass", Manny's "catch" the other night) and we always win. They hate us. We love playing them. If they win again tonight, it could take the whole thing to another level.