Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: ALCS 2

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Here we go again.

It looks like Schilling just couldn't find his groove last night because of the ankle, so Pedro is going to have to pitch great for them to come back to Boston 1-1 on Friday.

I had a vision of a Brady/Bledsoe AFC Championship-like event happening tonight. In that game, Brady, who had been the phenom for most of the season, went down because of his (gasp) ankle. Bledsoe, who had been the star of the team for years, stepped up, ready to prove that he wasn't washed up yet, and that he deserved respect from the fans. He threw four passes down the field in a drive that ended in a passed touch down. Bledsoe was the reason they won that game.

This season Pedro has been sitting second chair to Schilling since mid-June. Curt was a workhorse, a true stopper that managed a way to win and didn't miss a start. To his credit, Pedro didn't really miss one either, but it was clear in this town that he was being overshadowed by the presence and pitching of Schilling.

Tonight Pedro can go out there and pitch a great game, showing that he does have #1 stuff, that he isn't washed up, that he deserves a contract from Boston at the end of the season, and that his ego isn't bigger than his ability. He could throw a hero's game, keeping the Yankees in check while the team rallies around him to find a way to win--something they have had trouble doing this season with him on the mound. He could add to his legend.

Or he could not, and they'll fail, and they'll come back to Boston 0-2, and I'll be at Game four to potentially see them lose the series...