Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: ALCS 6.6

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

ALCS 6.6

For the entirety of the last of the 9th inning I could feel my pulse in my head, my arms and my legs. All of them were throbbing as I tensed every muscle in my body in anticipation of each pitch. My mind was a battle between visions of Foulke striking out Sierra/Clark for the last out, and a classic Yankee victory walk-off home run. I wanted to let the latter image in so in the quite possible event that it happened, I wouldn't feel so surprised, angry and deflated. But at the same time, I didn't want to overload my mind with negative images, so I let myself hope as much as I could without worrying about being crushed by the game's outcome.

And they pulled it of. By God they pulled it off.

What an amazing performance by Curt Schilling. Seven strong innings on an ankle that must have been hurting. He had to go long into the game because Boston's bullpen was shot, and Lieber was keeping the Sox at bay and out of New York's bullpen as well. Schilling had sutures put in his ankle to stabilize the injury, and Fox kept cutting to close-ups of his sock, with blood stains oozing from underneath the athletic tape. Amazing. Very Roy Hobbs-esque.

I don't quite know which was the more gutsy and amazing playoff pitching performance of my lifetime: Pedro in the ALDS Game 5 in '99 where he came out with a hurt back and pitched five no-hit innings to win the game with only two of his pitches working OR Schilling tonight. Both left their respective Game 1s with injury and got the loss. Both were questionable regarding an appearance later in the series. Both came in, still injured, and gave the performances of their lives.

I can't say enough about Keith Foulke. His arm is rubber by now, and he still sucked it up, even though he didn't have his best control, and saved the win for the Sox. Truly magical stuff.

They even won the game without anything from Manny or David Ortiz, which is saying something after the last two late-night heroic efforts buy Big Papi.

I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. For all I know, Kevin Brown will find a way to silence their bats and Lowe will be jittery. For all I know, the Yankees will win, and it'll feel like last year's Game 7 all over again. But this time, I feel about as confident that the opposite might occur.

Why not us?