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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bush vs. The Laureates

Today's NYT:

Why is science seemingly at war with President Bush?

For nearly four years, and with rising intensity, scientists in and out of government have criticized the Bush administration, saying it has selected or suppressed research findings to suit preset policies, skewed advisory panels or ignored unwelcome advice, and quashed discussion within federal research agencies.

Administration officials see some of the criticism as partisan, and some perhaps a function of unrealistic expectations on the part of scientists about their role in policy debates.

I remember hearing stories about this a few months back, how groups of very esteemed scientists signed angry letters to the President asking him why his administration insisted on disregarding or even skewing their research when it came to his public policy. The question is, I guess, are the 48 Nobel Laureates who endorsed Kerry simply trying to use their status as pillars in the scientific community to help their candidate? Or are they truly do dismayed with this administration's tactics when it comes to science that they are acting out of their beliefs as researchers, physicians and academics?

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