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Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Day After...

This is insane. The fact that a game can hold this much sway over millions of people is absolutely insane. The city of Boston is possibly the happiest place to be in the world right now.

Everywhere you walk, people are talking about the Red Sox. Whether they're talking to friends across the country on their cell phones, explaining to them how the series unfolded and how it was almost an embarrassing sweep, or spending all day calling in to radio stations to talk about it, or discussing with the local shop owners about the pitching rotation for the World Series--people have gone mad. I love it.

Traffic in this city--normally horrendous--has never been more cordial. I walked across the street and got honked at, and when I turned around, rather than seeing some angry guy giving me the finger, I saw the driver point to my Sox cap and gave me the thumbs up, screaming "yeah!" and driving on.

People are walking the streets with unwavering grins on their faces. And I'm one of them. Just walking down the street, thinking about the last two weeks makes me smile and laugh out loud. And everyone else around me is doing the exact same thing.

Windows in the apartments and caf├ęs and shops that I pass by have today's front page of the Globe and the Herald taped up to face the street, next to homemade 'Go Sox!' signs. Paul Revere's statue is still wearing his Red Sox shirt and hat, just like he was when they were down by three games last Saturday.

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It's really something. And the amazing thing is, this is nothing compared to how it would be if they beat Houston/St. Louis in the World Series. What!? World Series? I can't believe I'm even typing those words in reference to this year's team now. This is just the best.