Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Election Fraud

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Election Fraud

I just got a call from my friend Tali, who is working in D.C for the year but was flown to South Dakota to work on Tom Daschle's Senate re-election campaign in what has turned out to be a very close race. I'm proud of her for just jumping out there and doing something she's never done before, as well as going somewhere she's never been before to do it.

Incidentally, one of the girls she works with in D.C. was just charged with voter fraud, which was interesting to me considering about 1 in 10 articles in today's Washington Post were about that very subject. It's quite disheartening to me to read them.

The problem in Leon County: Students at Florida State and Florida A&M universities, some of whom signed petitions to legalize medical marijuana or impose stiffer penalties for child molesters, unknowingly had their party registration switched to Republican and their addresses changed.
The college scam has also made an appearance in Pennsylvania, along with a separate scam last week in Allegheny County, where election officials received a flurry of phone calls about fliers handed out at a Pittsburgh area mall and mailed to an unknown number of homes. The flier, distributed on bogus but official-looking stationery with a county letterhead, told voters that "due to immense voter turnout expected on Tuesday," the election had been extended. Republicans should vote Tuesday, Nov. 2, it said -- and Democrats on Wednesday. A criminal investigation has been launched.
In Wisconsin, a flier is circulating in Milwaukee's black neighborhoods that purports to be from the "Milwaukee Black Voters League." "If you've already voted in any election this year, you can't vote in the presidential election," the flier reads. "If you violate any of these laws, you can get ten years in prison and your children will get taken away from you."

Here for the entire article.

It's pretty disenchanting that with election day less than 48 hours away, not only is this going on, but that it is happening on such a wide scale and so rampantly in swing states across the country. It makes me think that there's really no way this election will be decided on Tuesday. It will end up being another drawn out, legal affair that severely tests this country's ability to stand by such a messy, inaccurate, and absolutely archaic system of national voting.

Possible silver lining? If either presidential candidate wins the election without the popular vote, I don't think citizens will stand by such an antiquated election process as the Electoral College.