Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Guy Upstairs--Update

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Guy Upstairs--Update

Nish, in a brilliant moment of recollection and recognition, finally realized what was going on upstairs. Up until last night, we didn't quite understand the incessant outdated pop music thudding through our ceiling, and we were often astounded by the number of thuds and crashes that came from upstairs.

Then Nish, in all his glory, figured it out.

"It's Dance Dance Revolution!" He excitedly called from the other room.

Indeed it is. A number of the thuds and bangs we hear happen to be almost in sync with the beat of whatever song is playing, leading us to believe they are caused by a person with the dancing ability of someone who would play that game in their own home. Also, the '90s pop music that streams down into our apartment several nights a week without fail is a dead giveaway, in our minds.

Then again, our upstairs neighbor also listens to this music without the aid of his Playstation 2 and its insane dancing game. I'm pretty sure you can't dance in that game to Enya, but I don't really know.

There is also the question of the other random crashes, thuds, and general uproariousness. They happen all throughout the day. So I'm still slightly attached to my "one foot hopping" theory in the matter.