Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Red Sox Win

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Red Sox Win

I don't even know where to begin.

Think, Travis.


Finally, after an year of waiting, I have my catharsis.

This is the most special team of any sport that I follow closely that I can ever think of. I love every single guy on this team. There's not one person who I think shouldn't be here, or that doesn't play hard, or that I dislike in the least. They're all a bunch of hard-working "idiots" who love the game, and love to play for us in Boston.

Is there a better way this could have gone down? Not in the least. This was beyond epic. This was monumental. Not only did the Sox get to the World Series for the first time since 1986, but they did it against the New York Yankees, and they did it in seven games, and they did it coming back from a three game deficit.

They made history. We all watched history. And there's not a better group of guys I would have wanted to make it.

Watching clips on TV afterwards, everyone is so happy. Anchors on Sportscenter are grinning like morons. Peter Gammons can barely put together a sentence. Jerry Remy has not been able to relax his face in the last two hours.

Last year was one of the most painful things I've ever been through. That sounds melodramatic, but it's true. It is far and away the most painful moment of my 'conscious' sports fan life. I do have vague recollections of the 1986 World Series, but I mean, I was five.

I remember this complete feeling of helplessness last year. Like someone came out of nowhere and sucker-punched me in the stomach. My sister was crying in my room. My stoic roommate was bawling outside in the back yard. I went for a walk and ran into an old old man who had a look of bewilderment on his face, as if he had just seen his last chance of seeing a Sox World Series in his lifetime.

But now it's all washed away. Not that I really mean this, but: They could lose the Series and I wouldn't be that upset. Nothing like I was last year. This was their World Series, if you ask me. And they won it in the most dramatic fashion possible. The most dramatic fashion ever in the history of the game.

It's amazing to think back just four nights ago when they were two outs away from being swept. Two outs! And they somehow pulled that one out. But then they pulled another one out! It was inconceivable. But not as inconceivable as coming to Yankee Stadium and winning two in a row, making a total of four in a row, to win the series.

I couldn't be happier right now.