Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Scary Campaign Ads

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Scary Campaign Ads

Today's NYT:

"Oct. 16 - In one of President Bush's latest advertisements, a clock ticks menacingly as a young mother pulls a quart of milk out of a refrigerator in slow motion, a young father loads toddlers into a minivan and an announcer intones ominously 'weakness invites those who would do us harm.'

In one of Mr. Kerry's recent commercials, a man shoots a machine gun into the air, a car bursts into a huge orange fireball and a group of Iraqi men carry what appears to be an injured person on a stretcher as an announcer says, 'Now Americans are being kidnapped, held hostage - even beheaded.'"

So now, after much accusation and rhetoric about different sides playing the 'fear factor' in this election, you can actually see it happening in back-to-back ads within several minutes of each other. Why did we even have the debates? This is just so much more fun, and through the miracle of commercials, the candidates don't have to actually say anything. They can just sit back and say, "I approved this message (which is meant to scare the shit out of you and convince you that if you don't vote for me you're going to die a horrible death, and it will hurt, and everyone you know is going to die too, and it will be sad, and America will die.)