Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Tired of This Election

Friday, October 22, 2004

Tired of This Election

It's a strange transformation that has come over me in the last few weeks. I went from devouring any news piece on either candidate, watching CNN a few hours a day, and scrutinizing each debate, to really just wanting this thing to be over.

I think it's because in the remaining weeks before November 2, the campaigns basically lost it. They went crazy. Ridiculous threats are being thrown around by the candidates as inevitable if 'the other guy' wins, polls are jumping around all over the place or not moving at all, and it's all just a bit tiresome.

There's nothing new to talk about anymore. What has been said has been said. As Larry David said in his NYT op-ed piece, if you're still an undecided voter, then you must just be an attention whore. I really don't think that people are even listening anymore. At least I know I'm not.

Maybe I just have to tune out for a while before the election, considering it's likely to be drawn out like 2000, what with the closeness of the race and plenty of pending lawsuits concerning voter fraud in swing states.

Let's just get this over with...