Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Upstairs 90s Party

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Upstairs 90s Party

The guy who lives directly above Nish and myself is strange. I have never spoken to him, nor have I had any other communication with him, directly that is. I think he is sending us an indirect message, however. The message? Let's party like it's 1999.

Almost every night we are bombarded by his stereo as it sends thumping, sub-woofing bass lines through the plaster of our ceiling. When he turns the volume up high we are also fortunate enough to make out the treble range of his Hi-Fi hypnosis, giving us the joy of knowing exactly what song he is playing at the time.

And it just so happens that these songs are often by a little band known as--you guessed it--Ace of Base.

Yes, my friends, just the other night Nish and I were serenaded by strains of "She leads a lonely life...oh ohohhhh..." and "Life is demanding, without understanding..."

His dubious plan does not end with simply pounding our psyches with Scandinavian pop. It seems my upstairs music-lover is also an aficionado of the entire _____ Jamz series, including but not limited to:

Jock Jamz
All Star Jock Jamz
ESPN Presents: Jock Jamz 5
Stadium Jamz

In addition to my sudden urge to gain about 80lbs, paint my naked chest and dance around to these spectacular albums while screaming at imaginary television cameras, I have also unconsciously ordered several thousand glow sticks online. Why, you ask? But of course, to "do crazy glowstick techno hand motions" with.

It's not always 90s, however. I'll give him that. He can change it up every once in a while with a fringe act that covers multiple decades. Last weekend he busted out Madonna's Immaculate Collection in its entirety. And then some. The single disc somehow played for about three hours.

Seriously, folks. Throw on whatever neon you own, perhaps a flannel shirt or two around your waist, some parachute pants and wonderbras if you've got 'em and come on over to dance the Macarena. For here at 484 Commercial St. it's all 90s, all the time.