Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: World Series 3.2

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

World Series 3.2

One win away. We're just one win away. The Red Sox could win tomorrow night's game, and they would have won their first world series in 86 years. After knocking on every piece of wood I can find, I can honestly say that it would be one of the most insane things ever.

So why do I feel guilty about it? Why do I feel like somehow we don't deserve this?

I mean, the Red Sox fan base is probably the most passionate I know of. We root, and root, and root some more--even after devastating losses that make us want to ball up our team garb, throw it into a trash can full of gasoline, and light it all on fire for good.

We sold out every game this year, and most of the ones last year as well. We spend inordinate amounts of time discussing the Red Sox with friends, on talk radio, online, even to people who really couldn't give a damn.

I myself have been following the Sox since I can remember. I have very hazy memories about the 1986 World Series, and have paid very close attention to the team for every season since then. I have gone to over one hundred games at Fenway Park. I feel like I know the guys on this team like they were my goofy relatives, or college buddies.

But somehow I still feel like I don't deserve to see this happen.

I think of the old man wearing a Sox cap I encountered while walking late at night after last year's Game 7 loss to the Yankees. He thought that was the year. He thought, after a lifetime of rooting for a team that consistently failed, and failed so spectacularly, that he would actually see them go all the way. But what about all the people who didn't even make it that long?

There is an entire generation of Sox fans that were born, grew up eating, drinking, breathing Sox baseball, and never saw them win. They died, and never saw them win it all. I've been a fan for the vast majority of my lifetime, and the number of years I've followed this team pales in comparison to so many others.

But then I think of another generation. The generation that is reaching its end. This might be their last chance to see this happen. And if it happened, boy, if it happened...well it would be something people would remember forever.

It's been said that if the Red Sox win the World Series, they'll go from a franchise with a tormented past and a nationally recognized plight, to just another baseball team.

If they win this thing, and that happens: fine with me.