Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: World Series Eclipse

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

World Series Eclipse

Does anyone think it's strange that on a night when the Red Sox could win the world series for the first time in 86 years, that there is a lunar eclipse that's scheduled to happen during the game?

This is a complete movie moment in the making. Which wouldn't be that surprising, really, considering the bevy of cinematic situations that have occurred this post-season:

  • Curt's bloody ankle, ala Roy Hobbs in The Natural.
  • The Red Sox being within two outs of being swept in the ALCS.
  • Epic, game-winning at-bats by David Ortiz

If the Red Sox won the World Series on a night when there was a lunar eclipse, that would just add on to the list.

Today there was a great Bill Simmons column about a thread on Sons of Sam Horn. It's a series of over a thousand posts from people wishing the Sox good luck, and remembering for whom a World Series victory would mean the most.

"Win it for my Grandfather (1917-2004) who never got to see the Red Sox win it all but always believed. And for my Dad who watches each and every game wishing his Dad was there to watch with him."

"Win it for my 10-year-old son Charlie who fell asleep listening to Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS assuming the Sox would win. When he awakened the next morning, he asked me, eagerly, "Did we win, Dad?" When I told him, gently, No, we did not win, his anguished moan startled me. I knew I had raised him as a Red Sox fan and I began to question whether that was a good thing.

"Win it for my boss, a dear friend who lost his dad unexpectedly in March of this year. More than once this season, I've seen him glance at the phone after a game, half-expecting his father to call to commiserate, rejoice, or just shoot the breeze -- I've also seen the sadness in his eyes as he realizes that the call isn't coming. Win it for his dad, a lifelong fan who never had the opportunity to witness his beloved team taking it all.

I read through almost a hundred of these posts, and they gave me chills. This whole thing is surreal. Whether the Sox win it in the next few days, or blow it in the most spectacular and horrible fashion yet, I am sure to be bawling my eyes out somewhere. Go Sox.