Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Back in New Haven

Monday, November 22, 2004

Back in New Haven

I'm back in New Haven--as you might have imagined, given the title above. It's a little strange, considering this is the first time I've been back here since my mom moved out of the house. Even though a good friend of the family is living in it now, and even though we're still eating Thanksgiving dinner there, it's still slightly odd to me that the house I grew up in isn't really lived in by my family any more.

Jocelyn is at work today, as she has school through Wednesday. Some people work, it turns out, and can't just take days off to ride the train down to their hometowns to hang out before Thanksgiving. I don't know what their problem is.

Adding to the flood of weirdness all around me, I found that of the coffee houses near my old arts high school has wireless internet, so I've set up camp there. The strange part is that all of a sudden at 12:15 the rush of kids coming for lunch before their afternoon arts classes stormed through the door in a frenzied ball of teen angst, a healthy helping of smugness and a small side of goth.

Was I really like these kids in high school? (Sans the goth, of course). They make so much noise, and seem to talk in a strange mixture of giggles and self-important soliloquies about stuff sucking.

I'm such a grumpy bugger...