Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: New Haven Nightlife

Thursday, November 25, 2004

New Haven Nightlife

Last night Joc and I went downtown to "go out". It was the first time I'd really seen the new bustling New Haven nightlife, and I was certainly surprised. There were all these bars and clubs on streets that only five years ago were all too terrifying for the young suburbanites that now walked them in droves. It was a rainy November night, and girls were dressed like it was spring break in Cancun.

Once we found a bar--one of the only ones without a line that stretched around the block--it soon became apparent to me that the masses of scantily clad idiots walking formerly dangerous streets were there for Thanksgiving.

You see, the kids who are now Freshmen and Sophomores in college were coming back home to Connecticut and flocking to New Haven nightspots with their high school friends. I realized this while sipping on my white russian and cringing at the table of frat boys next to me who were sitting in a booth at a rather upscale bar, chugging Miller Light and pouring beer foam on each other. Within five minutes of being there, a huge roar of guttural noises erupted as they tried to convince a sluttily-dressed girl to show her boobs. Nice.

Outside, walking back to the car in the rain, there were huddled groups of girls in tube tops talking a little too loudly about how it was too cold to be going home without a man. They then bounced down the street in their four inch heels to the parking garage. Apparently the streets are safe enough at night to party--just not to park.