Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Nighttime non sequiturs

Friday, November 05, 2004

Nighttime non sequiturs

The upstairs neighbor who usually blasts Madonna, Enya and Alicia Keys with overpowering, floor-crushing sub-woofers has moved on to another hobby. For two hours tonight he played piano warm-up scales, chromatically, up and down on an electronic keyboard. Once sufficiently warmed up, he then queued up a copy of Sarah McLaughlan's Surfacing album, put the song "Adia" on repeat, and proceeded to play block chords along with the recording. I am in hell.

It's raining hard here tonight. The North End is so old that it isn't really equipped with any kind of proper drainage system, so when it pours like this all hell breaks loose. Tomorrow gondolas will be floating down streets filled with engorged pasta spewed forth from the doorways of innumerable Italian restaurants in the six block area. People will forge makeshift rafts out of biscotti, marzipan and bakery string, and little old ladies will scream out their windows at passersby as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

It seems that whenever I set foot in stores like The Gap or J-Crew, a vast majority of the shoppers there are clad entirely in the product of the store they're in. If you're shopping in J-Crew while wearing four to five pieces of J-Crew on your person...well maybe it's time to take a break for a season.

How come so many blogs are about knitting? Isn't knitting sort of a hobby of its own? What is there really to talk about when it comes to knitting? I'm not professing the brilliance of my own thoughts here, but how many times can you write "I got this new color of yarn" and "the sweater is finally done! I hope it fits!"? I have to be missing something here, because if I'm not mistaken, there are tons of these knitting blogs and they pretty much talk about knitting...and that's it.

Printers are full of shit. Not the human craftsmen, but the computer peripherals. Mine has been frantically flashing its lights in some sort of epileptic seizure of alerts concerning the fact that my ink cartridges are supposedly empty. They're just dandy, thank you very much. Nice try, HP. Nice try.