Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Review -- Monday 11/16/2004

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Review -- Monday 11/16/2004

Monday, November 16th 2004 ended up being a nice mixture of traditional 'Monday-ish' qualities, productivity, video games and more.

After the previous week's Monday it was a nice change of pace, as it was the first day of the last ten in which I could actually get some real work done, thanks to the marvelous week-long 'house guest' cameo by my friend Vanessa. It began early, but not overly so, and continued on in the same fashion: nice, not amazing, but certainly not bad.

It was a good Monday as far as weather was concerned. Not freezing, or overly warm. It had a nice breezy, slightly overcast quality to it, which was perfect for my two (count 'em, two!) trips to the post office.

This isn't to say that this particular monday didn't have its faults. It was a milk-less monday morning, which threatened to put a damper on things, but monday rose to the occasion and provided me with orange juice to tide me over until I could get to the store.

This particular monday had a nice productive quality to it, regardless of the actual quantity of work that was actually done during it. It felt like things were moving along, and to-do items were helplessly mowed down by volley after volley of pseudo-proficiency. At one point, however, the theme of productivity seemed to stray a bit, and was nearly jeopardized by a lengthy trip to the local CVS, in which there was far too much aimless browsing. Luckily, the task was completed before too long, and Monday got back on track.

Monday finished strong, coming to a close with a bowl of tomato soup and some video game playing with the roommate. All in all, I would certainly recommend Monday, November 16th 2004 to anyone who likes to work at home and enjoy the feeling of getting things done, without over-burdening themselves.

3/5 stars 3/5 stars.