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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Bush at Yalta?: Update

Wonkette brilliance here:

For the President's trip up to Canada, the White House advance team set up a backdrop for him to sit in front of. It appears they were trying to show similarities between Mr. Bush and two historically great world leaders:

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Unfortunately, despite their attempt at bolstering their boss' image in a relatively unfriendly land, they forgot to do their homework. You see, the black and white photograph Bush sits in front of was taken at the Yalta Conference at the conclusion of World War II. However, the Yalta Conference was attended by "The Big 3". Who's is Mr. Bush standing in for?

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My history-crazy friend BJ notes that the backdrop Bush sits in front of cannot be at Yalta, because Roosevelt is too young in it. That's fine. Where the picture was taken is of less significance than the hilarity, considering Stalin would be the third member of the picture in most instances during WWII. My brother, the WWII scholar, is surely ashamed of my Rooseveltian pictoral ignorance.