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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Buy Blue

I stumbled upon this site yesterday, and at the very least, it is a very interesting concept. This is the kind of grassroots movement any party needs, with ideas, power, and money coming from the people--via their chosen corporations, of course.


You may have voted blue, but were you aware that every day, you unknowlingly help dump millions of dollars into the conservative warchest? Simply by buying products and services from companies which heavily donate to conservatives, we have been defeating our own interests as liberals and progressives on a daily basis.

Buy Blue is a concerted effort to educate the public on making informed buying decisions as a consumer. We identify businesses which support our ideals and spotlight their dedication to progressive politics. In turn, we shine that spotlight on unsupportive businesses in the form of massive boycotts and action alerts.

Currently, we are developing an extensive and interactive website which will soon allow you to find out exactly where your money goes when you make purchases, and participate in a dynamic community which constantly monitors corporate activity. There will be Blue alternatives to offending companies, and by making a decision to buy from these businesses, you are helping stimulate the growth of Blue-friendly economics. We are aiming for complete corporate responsibility.

Our collective buying power WILL make a difference, and we WILL be heard.

The site is just starting up, but they have already posted a small list of companies and their donations to help guide Christmas shopping choices.

Walmart, Circuit City, Saks and Sears donated $2.5 million to conservative races in 2004, which made up roughly 90% of their political contributions.

Barnes & Noble, Borrders, Sharper Image and Costco averaged 98% of their contributions to Democratic candidates.

Interesting stuff. LINK.