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Friday, December 10, 2004

Canada and Gay Marriage


OTTAWA (Reuters) - The Supreme Court of Canada gave the federal government the go-ahead on Thursday to legalize gay marriage, prompting Prime Minister Paul Martin to announce plans to introduce a redefinition of marriage early next year.

It did rule that the constitution allowed the proposed redefinition of marriage as "the lawful union of two persons," while protecting the right of religious organizations to refuse to perform same-sex marriages.

Two decisions in one week?! First South Africa, now Canada. I don't know what's worse, looking intolerant compared a country with one of the worst civil-rights records in recent history, or being shown up by our northern, joke-riddled neighbor.

I guess this just gives more ammunition to some of the idiot pundits out there who were flying off the handle with Canada during Bush's recent visit there. Between Ann Coultier screaming about Canada "becoming a problem" that we should solve by invading, and Tucker Carlson insisting that all Canadians spend the majority of their time dog-sledding, it's no wonder our progressive next door neighbor dislikes us so much.

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We shouldn't be too harsh on old Canada (eh?) considering we import a significant portion of our raw materials like lumber, energy reserves, and artistic/comedic talent from them. I'd say a limit of one obscenely offensive joke per day concerning the ol' "True North strong and free" should be a good rule of thumb.

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