Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Jenna Bush a D.C. Teacher?

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Jenna Bush a D.C. Teacher?

"Miss Bush, why do we spend all day talking about this test instead of learning about anything else?"

"Because by testing you over and over, and by threatening you with severe consequences if you cannot meet standards decreed by congressional bureaucrats, you'll get a better education."

According to the Washington Post this morning, First daughter, Jenna Bush has accepted a teaching position with a Washington D.C. public charter school. The District, of course, is one of the most highly Democratic areas in the country, and you can bet that the parents of kids in school there don't take too kindly to the unfunded mandate that is the No Child Left Behind Act.

So soon Jenna can enjoy:

-- having any creativity in her curriculum stifled by constant testing preparation

-- feeling the immense pressure of the trickle-down responsibility dodging from Washington to meet nearly impossible mandates without proper funding

-- hearing her students talk about their "goals in life" being to pass standardized tests (it happens, and it makes me want to cry)

-- teaching children that the value of learning is to fill in bubbles, and that every problem in life has an easy a) b) c) d) solution

-- finally realizing that, while teaching is an art-form, her father's law is trying to turn it into an assembly line.