Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Snow Day!

Monday, December 20, 2004

Snow Day!

Remember how great snow days were?

When I was really young and didn't know to check the weather, they were some of the best surprises a second grader could ever imagine. I would wake up much later than usual and spend a few minutes being confused as to what day of the week it was until I would finally look out the window to see the brightness of sun reflecting off of melting snow and realize what had happened.

Once I was old enough to follow weather forecasts, a whole new level was added to the snow day. I would stay up late doing homework, intermittently glancing from my books to the window to monitor the size of the flakes as they passed through the beams of the street lights. There was no better feeling than going to sleep with confidance in my prediction and then waking up to the radio alarm only to hear my suspicions confirmed before closing my eyes again to sleep.

The all-time best snow day, however, had to be the nor'easter in high school that covered New England in so many feet that every child felt the distinct possibility of a DOUBLE SNOW DAY. We spent the day shoveling for money and sledding down the fantastically dangerous hill of the Yale Divinity School with its menacing cast-iron fence at the bottom. That night my friend and I sat down to watch as school after school began preemptively closing their doors for a second day in a row, hours before normal announcements were made. After one day off, it seemed almost impossible that we'd get a second, but as we waited for the list of districts to scroll across the screen we still had hope. When we saw our city marked as "closed" it marked one of the greatest moments in snow day history. A snow day that we knew was a snow day, well before the day even arrived!

Today is the first snow day I've had in years. How can that be, considering that I don't go to school anymore and that the distance from my bed to my work is roughly three feet? I am down in New Haven for Christmas and Jocelyn and I woke up early to watch as the city's school system announced today's closure. I'm on vacation and her work is canceled.

Just like old times, except now I don't get money to shovel...