Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Black Cowboy Boots Kick Out D.C. Homeless

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Black Cowboy Boots Kick Out D.C. Homeless

Rear Window Ethics As supporters of President Bush flock to Washington D.C. in celebration of his inauguration, those who can't pony up the large sums of cash for the events are losing out. Again. "A Celebration of Freedom" was scheduled for today as an event for the masses who could not afford the extravagant prices and fashions of the inaugural balls, however inclement weather has shortened the event and canceled several of its acts.

Regular folks aren't the only ones being left out in the cold as Bushies who can afford it attend their parties tonight and tomorrow. Washington D.C's 8,000 homeless have been swept out of the areas near the inaugural events and into already over-crowded shelters. During such a cold week, this would be a seemingly welcome move, except for the fact that the shelters are already operating at maximum occupancy. Nevertheless, as the formal cowboy boots and lavish fur coats stream into the District and toward inaugural balls and luxury hotels, officials have decided to make those with the least virtually invisible to the high-rolling visitors.

Homeless residents of the city who make a few dollars selling "Street Sense" newspapers have been instructed to avoid Bush supporters and instead plan on targeting the protesters coming to town.

Meanwhile, D.C. leaders are still trying to get federal funding for the inaugural security costs in lieu of using $11.9 million of their allocated homeland security funds for a non-emergency situation.

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