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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Nickelback NPR Story

I heard this story on All Things Considered this evening, and I wasn't the least bit surprised. A Canadian music student basically took two Nickelback hits and panned one right and one left. Played together they synced up perfectly, leading him to accuse the band of fraud.

Here is another page that plays the two songs together without the NPR story. "This Is How Your Remind Me" and "Someday" are so similar that they play off one another like a melody and a descant.

The funny thing is, the interviewer and this kid were both really surprised. Anyone who knows anything about music is well aware that 99% of pop songs use one of three chord progressions (I, IV, V; I, vi, ii, V etc.). This track is all over the internet, and people are thinking it's just Nickelback that is recycling chord changes. The only thing remotely odd about this discovery is that Nickelback used the same chord progression with the same tempo and same structure.

Then again, it is enjoyable to see people who don't pay as much attention to musical structure freak out when they realize their favorite band is playing them for fools...


NPR Story
Flash Audio of both songs with pan slider