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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pope: No Condoms!

I have no problem with the Catholic belief in abstinence until marriage. That belief is part of a system of tenets that the Catholic church has clung to for many, many years. There is absolutely no problem with the promotion of abstinence, as it is the only 100% method of preventing unwanted pregnancy, as well as the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

But for God's sake! Let's be reasonable here! Promote abstinence, but give options! The world today is a society in which young people often follow their biological urges. The world today is a place in which people have sex, sometimes outside of their religion's definition of wedlock.

Christianity is a faith based on compassion and love for one's fellow man. To deny the existence of a way to save millions upon millions of lives is simply ridiculous. To ignore and refute possible means of sparing so many people from such a horrible disease as AIDS because of a biblical decree is sheer lunacy.

It's as simple calculation of weight. Which is more important to God, abstinence until marriage or the life of God's most beloved creatures? I'm no man of the cloth, nor do I claim to be a channel of God's Word, but as a human, I would imagine that saving precious lives just might be more important than the following of rigid sexual boundaries.

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