Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: UPDATE: Boston Terror Threat

Thursday, January 20, 2005

UPDATE: Boston Terror Threat

City and state officials have spent the evening downplaying rumors of an imminent terror threat that spread through Boston this afternoon. Local news, inter-office emails and parental phone calls disseminated a story of four Chinese nationals carrying dangerous materials into Boston for a potential terrorist strike until local government officials were forced to come out publicly with the facts to keep the city from panicking.

As Governor Romney and Mayor Menino have said in press conferences, the information that led to this threat warning is anything but certain, as the source was "unknown and uncorroborated." The FBI has said that this threat ranks along with many others nationwide that are never publicly released due to the unreliability of the information behind them.

So basically the city had a bit of a panic attack this afternoon, but is now much more concerned with this evening's relatively harmless snowfall than with a dirty bomb.

CNN: Four Sought in Possible Boston Terror Threat