Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Update: Orange Bowl Halftime Videos

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Update: Orange Bowl Halftime Videos

So I admit I was freaking out a little too much last night about how terrible the halftime show was at the Orange Bowl.

Basically, there was a major audio glitch and from what I could tell the monitor (the feed artists have piped directly into their earbuds so they can hear themselves) wasn't working. It must have been tied into the main vocal track, because it was obvious that the microphones the performers were singing into were mixed way too low or even off. At one point you hear a tech guy yelling "test 1 2" into another mic.

This explains why Kelly Clarkson was desperately sticking her finger in her ear in an attempt to hear herself, and why Ashley Simpson was even more terrible than usual. She couldn't hear herself or her guide track (the same track that got her in trouble on SNL) and by the end of her song had resorted to screaming wildly out of tune.

It was awesome. I take it all back, I freaked out just the right amount.

Here are the videos:

Ashlee Simpson sucks and is booed by tens of thousands of people...