Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Bad Boy Heavy Muscle Truck

Monday, February 14, 2005

Bad Boy Heavy Muscle Truck

For those drivers who just don't think a Hummer H1 is big enough and uses quite enough fuel:

Get ready for the Bad Boy Heave Muscle Truck!

And yes, the name of the truck is actually Bad Boy Heavy Muscle Truck. For some reason the company that makes these asked 11 year-old boys to create the name for this new vehicle. Seriously, it sounds like the title of a toy truck that sits next to G.I. Joe on toy store shelves.

Sold by Homeland Defense Vehicles LLC, and its division of Bad Boy Trucks, the BBHMT is 10 feet tall and can tow six tons even with a quarter-sized hole in the tire sidewall. Some additional features include infrared cameras, bulletproof cab, a mini-safe housed behind seats, and like 12 LCD screens in the dashboard.

The CEO of Homeland Defense Vehicles says "There's a certain group of people who color outside the box. This it the truck for them."

Well, maybe it's the truck for those who want to color outside the box as well as look like complete jackasses while using 12 gallons of gas to just parallel park this monster.

The Detroit News Autos Insider: Converted Military Truck Billed As Bigger, Badder Than a Hummer