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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Virginia 'Traditional Marriage' License Plates

Ah state and local government. A chance for elected officials to make a difference by circumventing the mindless bureaucracy that is Washington D.C. in order to best understand and serve their constituents, as well as to fulfill their specific and pressing needs on a more personal level.

Needs like special license plates.

In the past I've often poked fun at political bumper stickers and magnetic ribbons for their paltry attempts at persuasion, as well as for their innate impermanence. Well it seems someone out there was listening. Finally Americans can start screwing their political beliefs right onto their car.

Over the last few weeks, Virginia's House of Delegates have worked tirelessly to endorse special state license plates that would include the capital-letter words "TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE". as well as a symbol of two interlocked wedding bands over a red heart. They claim the plates will "show children that 'traditional marriage is fundamental.'"

Of course there are some that object to the concept and worry about possible law suits, arguing that the plates express "an unconstitutional support for union in a public forum represented by state-issued plates." Those people are seditious and un-American.

In the spirit of this admirable usage of tax dollars and legislative time commitment, I urge those brave men and women on the floor of the Commonwealth's Capital to think larger and reach higher. Why eat hamburger when you can have steak? Try this example I made on for size:

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