Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Bush Chooses Wolfowitz for World Bank

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bush Chooses Wolfowitz for World Bank

Just about a month after Bush traveled to Europe in an attempt to improve relations between the EU and the US, he seems to be actively sabotaging any goodwill created by the trip. By naming Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz as his choice to head the World Bank, Bush is asking for a public, international fight between his administration and other World Bank members.

Bush's reasons for for the selection are unclear, as Wolfowitz's extensive history with the Department of Defense doesn't seem to make him a fit for the World Bank. Then again, this is the same administration that gave the nation's highest civilian honor to former CIA Director George "Slam-dunk" Tenet, whose intelligence failures before 9/11 and running up to the Iraq War are anything but laudable.

The World Bank has enough critics in the world without one of the Bush administration's most hard-nosed hawks running the show. The Bank's past failures to consider the social and environmental factors of its actions in developing countries will certainly be noted while members consider Wolfowitz -- a man who rarely listens to alternate opinions or admits his own mistakes.

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