Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Lebanon Martyrs Square Rallies (Lebanese Idol)

Monday, March 14, 2005

Lebanon Martyrs Square Rallies (Lebanese Idol)

Well, it appears as if the future of Lebanon's government is in the hands the people. And I'm not talking about democratic elections, no no, my friend, I'm talking about American Idol-style popularity. Ryan Seacrest has expressed little interest in moderating the civil unrest, however, so the Lebanese people have had to abandon their text messaging campaigns in favor of a more traditional approach.

Since former Prime minister Hariri was killed four weeks ago there have been multiple rallies expressing either anti- or pro-Syrian sentiment. The first major rally in Martyrs Square demanded a full pull-out by the Syrian military. Another rally last week, organized by Hezbulla and much larger than the previous week's gathering, showed support for the Syrian-backed government in Lebanon. And finally, today the largest gathering to date amassed to again turn the tide of visible public opinion, demanding a full Syrian pull-out of Lebanon.

Reached for comment, Randy Jackson said of the latest demonstrators, "You know, it was hot, dog. You got shown up last week, but you really hooked it up this week."

Only time will tell if yet another, larger pro-Syrian rally will take place to sway public opinion back. Until then, it's all up to the American viewing public. The numbers to call, according to FOX, are:


Phone lines will be open after tonight's evening news broadcasts.

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