Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Bishop Denies Saying Jesus Was Possibly Gay

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bishop Denies Saying Jesus Was Possibly Gay

AP: Concord, N.H. - The first openly gay Episcopal bishop said Tuesday he is being falsely accused of suggesting Jesus might have been homosexual.

The allegations arose from Web log comments posted after Bishop V. Gene Robinson's remarks at a Feb. 13 forum on sexual issues at Christ Church in Hamilton, Mass.

"(Jesus) lived a very untraditional lifestyle," Robinson told The Associated Press. "Which is not to say that I in any way asserted that he was gay, or anything about his sexual orientation."

He went on to say:

"Interestingly enough, in this day of traditional family values and so on," Robinson says in one of the recordings, "this man that we follow ... was single as far as we know; who traveled with a bunch of men, although there were lots of women around; who had a disciple who was known as 'the one whom Jesus loved'; who said my family is not my mother and father, my family are those who do the will of God — none of us like those harsh words. That's who Jesus is, that's who he was, at least in his earthly life."
Sounds like some blogger has been reading a little too much Terence McNally. All the bishop said corresponds with biblical scripture, yet this blogger is imagining scenes from McNally's Corpus Christi, where the gay character "Joshua" leads a group of gay disciples, setting themes from the New Testament in early 1980s Texas.

In posting this, I don't want to have to explain myself like Robinson did. I know some of you apparently know exactly what Christ meant in all of his teachings and precisely what the Bible implies concerning everything in our lives. But for those of us that didn't receive the heaven-sent set of appendices and footnotes clarifying biblical interpretation, I think the bishop's comments are valid and interesting.