Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Wal-Mart Dating?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Wal-Mart Dating?

It seems that in addition to undermining the social and economic fabric of our nation, Wal-Mart has become interested in steamrolling over yet another niche market: the dating service.

According to Amy Wyatt, spokeswoman for the retailer's international operations, Wal-Mart's been running its "Singles Shopping" campaign in all of its 91 stores in Germany.

Here's how its works.

On Friday nights, singles looking for romance, mindless flirting or just a new friend head over to their neighborhood Wal-Mart where they're given a big bright red bow to attach to their shopping cart or shopping basket.

Then it's up to the willing participants to approach one another and take it from there.

But if that's too intimidating, Wal-Mart has set up "flirting points" around the stores stacked with "romantic" merchandise, such as chocolates, wine and cheese, to help with that first awkward step.
Wal-Mart says publicly that its "Singles Shopping" campaign is simply about bringing people together -- with each other, and of course with low low prices. I can't help but wonder, however, whether the concept of dating at Wal-Mart was brought about by all of those single employees working extra overtime without pay. That seems like the only way you could really think, "Hey, if you're interested, why don't you swing by Wal-Mart this friday so we can get to know each other? I have to stock some items while I'm there, but it will be fun!" is a good pickup line.

Then again, with everything a Super Wal-Mart has to offer, you could very well go on a date, while working un-paid, and get your girl's car fixed, her groceries bought, her pictures developed, not to mention the gift possibilities of jewelry, flowers, music, books, and any other item that damnable floating smiley face decides to slash prices on.

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