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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Modern Leopold and Loeb?

HOLLY HILL, Florida (AP) -- Two Florida teenagers found a homeless man in the woods and beat and kicked him to death "to have something to do," according to Volusia County sheriff's investigators.

Christopher Scamahorn, 14, and Jeffery Spurgeon, 18, confessed to beating the 53-year-old victim with their fists and sticks and kicking him, sheriff's spokesman Brandon Haught said Sunday.

The pair were charged with murder Sunday. Spurgeon was being held without bail in Daytona Beach. Scamahorn taken to a juvenile jail.

The teens said they attacked the man "for fun" and "to have something to do," Haught said. They went back to the woods three times after the initial attack to beat the man again, he said.
This is disgusting.Worse than Leopold and Loeb. At least L&L were egomaniacal crazies who had some sort of strange motive (no matter how hideous) for their crime. These kids just beat and killed a man because they were bored? For Gods sake, couldn't they have just read HUSTLER, or made prank phone calls, or even thrown rocks at tin cans in their back yard? A fucking XBox is only a few hundred dollars...

Any bets on how long it'll take Law & Order to air an episode "loosely" based on this case?

Story.Spurgeon Leopold-Loeb

The facial expressions of Jeffery Spurgeon (top) and Nathan Leopold (bottom left) are eerily similar, though...

CNN: Teens accused of killing homeless man 'for fun'.