Rear Window Ethics Rear Window Ethics: Train pt. 1

Monday, May 23, 2005

Train pt. 1

I took the train down to the Have for the weekend. The train is usually very relaxed, people are relatively quiet, and it's an all-around unsurprising experience. Not so this weekend.

On the way down, I was sitting in a packed train across the aisle from two girls about 25 who were talking on their phones. Now, many people talk on their phones in the train, but most don't use their Nextel walkie talkies with the loud ass beeps and speakers. These girls did. They talked to everyone they knew the whole ride down on these loud motherfuckers.

One girl was pregnant, it turned out, and she complained about how she was gaining weight. The other had had a baby a few years before, apparently, and told the other how she never lost all the weight. Bitching ensued. Then the one who had a kid called him on her nextel. From the sound of it he must have been about 8 or 9. She proceeded to tell him that she was going away on the train to do something very important, and that he should make sure to eat some dinner and play video games and watch tv all night long. It seemed like he was home alone.

After he hung up, she immediately told her pregnant friend, "I can't wait to get to New York and get me those new red Jordans!". Important, indeed.

The one who was pregnant then called her friend in New York, some guy who I couldn't understand because the walkie talkie was all fucked up. She asked him if he was single, and if he or his friend wanted to hook up with her girl. And these girls were surprised that they'd gotten pregnant and were gaining weight. Then the guy starts playing music from a stereo THROUGH THE WALKIE TALKIE for minutes at a time. Fucking ridiculous.

One woman asks them to turn down their phones and they immediately turn to me and ask if I think they are too loud. I say yes. Then they suck their teeth and hiss, "whatever."

These two girls go to the cafe car. Minutes later another girl comes storming into the car, screaming into her cell phone. "Fuck you! Fuck you, i'll sue your ass, bitch!" she yelled. She saw the empty seats that the girls had left, threw her large pink duffel bag onto them, and stormed out of the train car.

You can see where I'm going with this...

Yes, the girls come back and freak out about the bag. Yes, the third girl comes back, sees her bag is now up in the bag rack, and flips her shit. Bitching ensues once again, but on an entirely larger scale. Once that fight is over, the third girl gets on her phone and yells at someone about how this train is "shit" and there is no first class car, and that she's never "fucking taking the train" ever again.

Stay tuned for the story about what happened on the ride back...